Post-Op Instructions

1. You have undergone a surgical procedure. A mild degree of swelling, bruising, and discomfort is to be expected. To minimize these, APPLY ICE to the outside of your face adjacent to the surgical area for as much as possible today and tomorrow.


3. AVOID DRINKING THROUGH A STRAW OR SMOKING until tomorrow. If you are a smoker, please bear in mind that smoking causes increased pain and slower healing, and substantially reduces your long-term chances for successful treatment.

4. TAKE 2 Advil (400 mgs. ibuprofen) PLUS 1 Tylenol (325 mgs. acetaminophen) every 4 hours for the rest of today EVEN IF THERE IS NO PAIN. It is much easier to prevent pain than to wait until it starts and then try to control it. If you cannot take Ibuprofen, take 2-3 Tylenol (acetaminophen) tablets, although these are less effective. Your next dose should be taken at ____________.

5. AVOID CHEWING in the area where surgery was performed for one week for routine periodontal surgery. Eat soft foods high in protein and vitamin C. For example: fish, smoothies, ice cream, tuna salad, pasta, cottage cheese, fruit juice, yogurt. Taking a B complex vitamin for one month may improve healing.

6. If you had a dental implant placed today, AVOID CHEWING on the implant until the final crown is placed.

7. AVOID BRUSHING THE SURGICAL AREA until your sutures are gone. Light flossing once daily is okay.

8. The occurrence of blood stains in your saliva for the rest of today is normal. Please AVOID RINSING YOUR MOUTH TODAY, since this causes increased bleeding. If bleeding is persistent, press a moist tea bag firmly against the bleeding area for 20 minutes. If the bleeding does not stop, please call us.

9. AVOID PULLING YOUR LIP TO EXAMINE THE SURGICAL AREA. Tension on your sutures can impair healing.